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Connect to your deepest center, make sustainable progress and tap into your own inner strength.

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Discover variations and modifications that work for your unique body and connect you to the heart of yoga.

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Take your yoga practice off the mat for a more balanced and centered experience of life.

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I'm a yoga teacher!
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I discovered yoga nearly 20 years ago when my grandmother handed me Robert Hittleman’s 28-Day Yoga Program. But my practice began in earnest in 2010, when I bought a 60-day pass to a local yoga studio. That 60-day pass became a gateway to a regular practice that planted the seed for my desire to become a yoga teacher. I am a 600-hour certified yoga teacher whose mission is to make yoga accessible for all levels and dispel the myth that yoga is for the already flexible and strong. My classes will offer lots of options that empower you to build a sustainable yoga practice, so you connect to your own inner and outer strength.

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