Headstand: How Consistent Practice Makes Progress

A few years ago, I gave up on the traditional headstand because it aggravated a nerve in my neck and shoulder. Instead, I opted for tripod headstand, which one of my teachers said wasn’t optimal because there was no way to relieve the pressure my head and neck. But my tripod headstand game was strong Read more about Headstand: How Consistent Practice Makes Progress[…]

Embodying the Warrior With an Open Heart

It’s funny how the same themes surface over and over throughout a lifetime. For me, it’s always balancing strength with vulnerability. My tendency is to keep people at a distance until life hands me some shit storm and I have no other choice but to discover that, yes, I do have a support network. Earlier Read more about Embodying the Warrior With an Open Heart[…]

Downward Dog: Foundation and Strength Building

I’ve been practicing yoga for a long time, but it wasn’t until I started attending studio classes that I did Downward Dog for the first time. Then I quickly realized that Downward Dog was a foundational — but challenging — yoga posture. And it took years before I felt like Downward Dog could be a Read more about Downward Dog: Foundation and Strength Building[…]

Yoga Safety Demo: Ardha Vinyasa

In westernized yoga, there are lots of athletic and fitness style yoga classes. One such style, is the vinyasa flow style class where you flow from pose to pose, connecting one breath to one movement. Vinyasa style classes are more fitness oriented because you don’t necessarily move at the pace of your breath; usually, you’ll Read more about Yoga Safety Demo: Ardha Vinyasa[…]